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Pregnancy Increases Risk of Autoimmune Disorders


Pregnancy leaves you with the ultimate gift—that gorgeous baby—but it turns out that it might leave you with something else: an increased chance that your body will attack itself with auto-immune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
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According to a story from, women are affected by these diseases much more frequently than men, and scientists have longer wondered about the role that pregnancy plays in the development of the disease. So researched analyzed the medical records of more than 1 million and found that in the first year after birth, women who delivered vaginally had a 15 percent greater risk of contracting an autoimmune disease, while women who underwent a c-section had a 30 percent great risk.
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Scientists believe that cells from fetuses enter the mother’s bloodstream, causing the body to attack the foreign bodies and triggering the disorder. However, they caution that this is only a hypothesis.

Did you develop an auto-immune illness after pregnancy?