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Pregnancy Weight Gain: Gaining More Than You Expect


During my two pregnancies, I had many fears; would my baby be ok? Would I be a good mom? Just how much would the delivery hurt? But I fretted about something else too, something I knew was silly, but I nevertheless thought about daily: would I end up weighing more than my husband?
Plus: “Mommyrexia” on the Rise

In the end, I didn’t, since I had the good fortune to marry someone with a substantial build and a good six inches on me. But since he had the nerve to lose weight as I packed it on during one of my pregnancies, I got closer than I would have liked.  
Plus: How Much to Eat When Eating for Two

Writer Tracy Moore writes hilariously about her pregnancy weight gain on Jezebel, referencing a term apparently gaining popularity in some mom-to-be circles. Weighing in at 208, a weight she never thought she’d see on the scale, during her last OB check-up, she admits to “pulling a deuce:”

But hey — wasn't this supposed to be "my time" where I got whatever I wanted and ate whatever I craved and lived it up and everyone was beholden to my weirdest whims and desires? Or am I confusing pregnancy with a wedding day?

Then I realized that, for the first time, I got it. I truly understood the power food holds over anyone who's struggled with it. For me, the eating had felt so unimaginably good. It had felt like a warm blanket of comfort during 9 months of discomfort. It was what had kept me going as I deprived myself of every other vice that pregnancy refused me.

Did you “pull a deuce” when you were pregnant, or get up to a number that felt really uncomfortable to you?