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Pregnant Bikini Contest: Would You Do It?

Courtesy Rod Ryan

Austin’s 8th annual Pregnant Bikini Contest was held last week, with expectant moms in their third trimester coming out to strut their bumps on stage. Preggos compete in games like a diaper change race and baby sock toss before parading out onto the stage for an interview, all for a chance to win a mom and baby gift pack. Most of the women wear itty-bitty bikinis, with heels to complete the look. Linea negras and turkey timer belly buttons are on full display. Host, local radio personality Rod Ryan, particularly admires one mama-to-be’s “teeters full of milk.”

Plus: “All the Preggo Ladies” Viral Video

Check out the pics of the hot mama contestants, then tell us: Would you ever do a pregnant bikini contest? Do you admire these women for making pregnancy look hot, or is it too much? Leave a comment.