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Pregnant With Cancer


What would you do if the best news of your life was followed by the worst: you’re pregnant!—but you also have cancer. It’s a growing reality now that many women are choosing to become mothers later in life, affecting about 1 in 1,000 pregnant women.
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The standard recommended course of treatment used to be termination, but now more and more doctors are working through the thorny issues surrounding treatment during pregnancy. Surgery is an option, and surprisingly, certain chemotherapy drugs don’t get passed down to the baby. But other cancer drugs are known to be toxic for a growing fetus, and the best treatment options may not be possible until after delivery, allowing the cancer to progress.
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Read the moving stories of women battling cancer during pregnancy from The Today Show, and then tell us: if you were diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, would you continue the pregnancy, hoping for the best? Or would you terminate so as not to compromise your treatment options?