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Preparing a Pregnant Friend for Motherhood

George Lange

A dear friend is pregnant with her first child and due in January. Although I have made many mommy friends since I had my first child five years ago, this is the first of my friends-since-forever inner circle to join the mom club. I am so excited for her -- and for me! Our sons will be less than two years apart in age, a spread that will seem like nothing in a few years.

With a husband who’s a medical resident and keeping long hours, she’s worried about what it’s going to be like after the baby is born. Like ‘fessing up about childbirth, I’m not sure exactly how honest to be. Give it to her straight that it’s a huge adjustment that you make on little sleep and raging hormones so she doesn’t feel like abnormal when she’s losing it over the garbage being full? Emphasize how mind-blowing it is to meet your baby and how your heart has never felt so full, so she’s not worried? How do you explain the roller coaster of emotions that is the first few weeks anyway?

From swaddling to sleep to diapering, we’ve rounded up our best survival tips for brand-new parents to help them navigate those first few crazy weeks. What do you wish you’d known before you had a baby? What do you tell friends who are expecting their first?