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The Problem With Sally Draper

Michael Yarish

Ok, we’ve given you a few days to catch up on your DVR’d Mad Men, but now we must discuss the huge parenting fail on the latest episode. Warning: spoilers ahead!

On the episode, poor Sally Draper, clearly struggling with her parents’ divorce and her own emerging adolescence, is caught masturbating during a sleepover at a friend’s house (cringe cringe cringe). When mom Betty hears what happened, she seems more concerned with word getting around than the feelings of her daughter. In true Betty Draper style, she tells her that girls don’t do that, and quickly sends her to bed. The irony? The middle-of-the-night drop-off by the friend’s mom interrupted Betty’s own romp with new husband Henry.

Clearly this is what not to do. But how should you handle it if you catch your child touching his- or herself down there? Our mom squad expert – and Parenting Post blogger – Denene Millner has this to say:

Remember that masturbation is normal human behavior -- even though it's emotionally hard to accept the fact that your child is evolving into a sexual being. The more you remind yourself of this, the easier it will be to discuss it with him, while laying down some rules. Let him know that pleasuring himself is something he should do in private, and that he should never do it in a public place or a heavily trafficked room in the house where people could walk in on him.

How would you handle it if you were in this situation with your child?