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Rx for the Stomach Flu (and Hangovers!)

Has your family gotten the nasty stomach bug that’s going around? I've just discovered this awesome new tummy soothing, feel-better beverage called B.R.A.T.  No, they didn't name it after your kid; the name comes from the classic "BRAT" diet recommended by pediatricians for decades to calm all sorts of digestive discomfort. BRAT is an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

This tasty organic drink contains all those nutrients, except for the toast because the seriously smart parents who invented it wanted it to be okay for kids with allergies, too. It's got all the good stuff upset tummies need—hydrating electrolytes, vitamin D, calcium—and none of the bad: no added sugar, no dairy, soy, corn, casein or gluten. And it's a creamy, soothing, milk-like blend that comes in vanilla, chocolate honey, and cinnamon toast, as well as the original flavor. I taste-tested all four and every one is absolutely yummy, especially chilled, and natural tasting. A 32-oz. container costs about the same as traditional electrolyte solutions. It's also available in grocery stores nationwide (go to for specific locations) and on An unopened container can stay at the ready on your pantry shelf for a year. It's also great for morning sickness, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, chemotherapy treatment, or um, hangovers (it IS pretty close to New Year’s Eve, after all). Now that's a drink box a mom can love!