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Sarah Palin’s Son Mocked for Having Down Syndrome

Whether you love or loathe Sarah Palin, does her 3-year-old son Trig deserve to be attacked and called “retarded?” That’s what recently happened when writer Jack Stuef posted a diatribe against the Palin family on the political blog Wonkette.
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It all started when Team Palin posted a tribute poem for Trig, who has Down Syndrome, on his birthday. Seeing this as an exploitation of Trig as a “magic intellectually disabled baby prop,” Stuef responded harshly, questioning Trig’s parentage, implying he was conceived in incest, and using the R word. The comments weren’t much more forgiving. Stuef has since added an editor’s note, saying he regrets using the word “retarded,” but stands by his criticism of Palin.
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Does putting your family in the public eye mean kids are fair game for detractors? Or are there just some places even hardball political commentators just shouldn’t go?