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School Suggests Student Get a Breast Reduction

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Here’s a story that will make your inner adolescent cringe: 13-year-old Gabrielle Jackson of Moline Acres, Mo., was being bullied by other students because of her large breasts.

When her mother Tammie Jackson contacted the school district to complain, she was told that her daughter would always be teased because of her busty physique. The unnamed administrator she spoke with also suggested the parents transfer their daughter to another school or get her a breast reduction. In short, bullies will be bullies.


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Jackson was outraged, saying her daughter can’t help her changing body, and that taunts about a person’s figure should be unacceptable at school. The superintendent has since reached out to Jackson, and is looking into the incident and working with school officials on a plan to curb the harassment. He also says the whole thing may be a “product of miscommunication.” 

Have your kids ever been teased about their changing body? How did you handle it? Leave a comment.