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Sesame Street Tackles Divorce

Sesame Street

Back in 1992, the producers of Sesame Street created a segment on divorce to serve the nearly 40% of children who come from affected homes. After much research and several revisions, Mr. Snuffleupagus was chosen to be the child struggling with sadness over his parents’ recent split. However, when the segment was shown to children, it bombed. Rather than soothing, it created confusion and fear, and the segment was scrapped, according to Tumblr Storyboard.

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Now producers are trying again. In a series of segments available on starting today, fairy Abby Cadabby is revealed as a child of a divorce that happened some time ago. She happily draws pictures of her two houses, and explains to Elmo that she lives at one with her mommy and at the other with her daddy. In another segment, which seems to flash back to an earlier time, Abby worries the divorce is her fault, but Gordon reassures her that divorce is about adult problems. In the next segment segment, Abby confidently says she knows her parents will love her and take care of her no matter what. Other segments show real kids dealing with divorce, moves, and blended families.

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