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Viral Video: Incredible Story of Brotherly Love

Sports Illustrated

Tennessee 9-year-old Conner Long wanted 7-year-old brother Cayden, who has hypertonic cerebal palsy, to be able to play sports. So Conner decided they should compete in triathalons together, despite the fact that Cayden can’t walk on his own. With the help of race organizers and a triathalon coach, Conner and his parents figured out a way to make it happen. Together, the brothers have competed in 14 races up and down the East Coast.  Conner pulls his brother in a raft for the swim portion and a trailer for the biking, and then pushes the trailer during the run.

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For this amazing accomplishment , the brothers have won Sports Illustrated Kids’ Sports Kids of the Year Award. Read Conner and Cayden’s story, then prepare to turn into a puddle when you watch this video.