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Strollers on Public Transportation: To Fold or Not to Fold?

Jon Whittle

I’ve written before about stroller resentment, and about how I get it even though I am a pram-pusher myself. Now, after rider complaints, Boston is considering requiring parents to fold their strollers on city buses. It’s clear from the comments on the story that many people think parents should be forced to fold their stroller not just on buses but all forms of public transportation.

Many big-city transit systems already prohibit open strollers on buses (including New York City) but this is not always enforced. And although I’ve seen signs on the subway telling parents to fold their strollers, almost no one does. That’s because it’s pretty much impossible to safely hold a small child, diaper bag, stroller and the pole if you don’t get a seat.
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I too have been annoyed at strollers taking up room or blocking the way on a crowded bus or subway, but making it illegal to bring an open stroller aboard a bus or subway is almost akin to outlawing babies of a certain too-old-for-a-carrier-but-too-young-to-walk-everywhere stage altogether. (At 22 months, my son is in this stage now. I live in fear of dirty looks.)

What do you think about laws that make it hard for parents to use public transit? What do you do when you have to take a small child on the bus or train?
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