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Study: Women Avoid Giving Birth on Halloween


Would you want your kid to have an October 31 birthday? A new study of more than three million U.S. birth records found that birth rates are lower on Halloween, as many women due around this time either avoid scheduling birth for that day, or do everything they can to avoid going into labor naturally. This is in contrast to Valentine’s Day, where there’s a spike in births.
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The study found that on Halloween, there was an 18.7 percent drop in induced births, a 16.9 percent dip in c-sections, and a 5.3 percent fall in spontaneous births compared to the other days within the two-week period around the holiday. Valentine's Day, on the other hand, showed a 3.4 percent increase in induced births, a 3.6 percent lift in spontaneous births, and a 12.1 rise in cesareans compared to the rest of the days within a two-week period.
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They study did not cover what we’d like to know—exactly how these women were preventing their labors on this haunted holiday.

Does your kid have a birthday on a holiday? Was it planned that way?