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Superhero Underwear for Girls

Fruit of the Loom

Can revolution come in the form of underwear? Fruit of the Loom has debuted a new line of superhero briefs aimed at girls. “Boys aren't the only ones that want to be Superheroes! Your little girl can run faster and jump higher in her new DC Comics briefs,” reads the product description.

"We looked at where there was white space in the market and found there was a lack of product like this, but a large demand,” Dave Springob, vice president of licensing for Fruit of the Loom told “Girls wanted to enjoy their superheroes just as much as boys did." A call for more kick-ass girl options in the blogospere, led by Tom Burns of the Good Men Project, was a happy coincidence, as the underwear were already in development.

Plus: When Kids Defy Gender Roles

However, the undies fall short of being a total BAM! POW! to gender stereotypes, featuring only female heroes Supergirl, Wonderman, and Batgirl instead of their male counterparts.

We have one other bone to pick with these skivvies: they don’t seem to make them in our size.

Would you buy these for your daughter?