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Suri Cruise Still Uses a Pacifier

Valerie Fischel

My daughter is exactly one year older than Suri Cruise (they share a birthday!). But even rewinding to a year ago, it’s hard for me to imagine letting an almost-5-year-old use a pacifier at all, much less in public. Yet Suri was photographed with binky in mouth, an image Us Magazine picked up. Alan Greene, M.D., author of From First Kicks to First Steps, says your child should be off the plug by age three.
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I can’t imagine mom Katie Holmes has a playgroup, where you’d swap stories with other parents to get a sense of what’s normal for different ages. Suri is home-schooled by a tutor, so there’s also no comparing notes with other moms at preschool drop-off. Is it possible this famous family is living in such a bubble that no one recognizes this is, well, a little babyish and weird for an almost-kindergartener? Or is this maybe an indication that her parents have trouble setting limits for her? Suri was photographed right before her 4th birthday still using a bottle, a habit most pediatricians tell you to break around the first birthday.
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Katie, if you’re reading, we’re here to help. We’ve got 10 clever and cute ways to say bye-bye to binky.

What do you think: Is Suri way too old for the paci?