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Survey: One Third of Parents Lie About Their Kids’ Sleep Habits


Do you fib that your kids are good sleepers when they’re anything but? Turns out about a third of parents lie about some aspect of their children’s bedtime habits, because they fear sleep problems reflect on their ability as parents. 

According to a survey of almost 11,000 parents from British parenting site, the reality is that less than half of parents (48.5 percent) have kids that always sleep through the night, with 11 percent admitting their kids wake up three or more times. Thirty six percent said their child did not sleep through the night by one year of age, and 1 in 5 resorted to driving around in a car to lull baby to sleep.

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Not only do many parents lie about when baby slept through the night or their kids’ bedtime; almost 62 percent say they also stretch the truth about how the sleep deprivation is impacting their lives. Gotta keep your story straight! All this stretching of the truth can lead to unrealistic expectations that make parents, especially new ones, wonder what they’re doing wrong.

Have you ever lied about how well your kid sleeps? If so, why? Leave a comment.