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Survey: Valentine’s Day for Parents

Remember when Valentine’s Day used to be a thing, back before you had kids? We polled more than 800 moms to find out how they celebrate (um, if they celebrate) post-kids, what they really want to get as a gift (dads, please take note), and if they’ll be engaged in duty nookie February 14. Some of their responses may surprise you:

A Family Affair:

  • A third of respondents say V-Day is less of a big deal after becoming parent, and another one third say the holiday is now more about the kids than it is just mom and dad.
  • One in 10 stubborn romantics say V-Day becomes more important after kids—it’s crucial to carve out special time with your significant other.

Spend sweetly:

  • Moms will spend, on average, a thrifty $24 on a Valentine’s Day gift for their spouse—just a mere dollar more than the $23 they will spend on gifts for their kids.
  • A third won’t spend a dime on gifts for their partner, because they don’t exchange them.  
  • Just 2 percent plan to splash out with a V-Day gift of more than $100 for their partner.

Sweet lovin’:

  • Moms were nearly split when asked if they planned to have sex on Valentine’s Day: 52% expect they will, and 48% do not expect to have sex.
  • Of the 52% who expect to have sex, one in five say they’ll do it out of obligation, because it’s expected.

Forget me not:

  • Nearly one quarter of moms admit that either they or thier spouse have completely forgotten Valentine’s Day.
  • Of those who have forgotten, 58% did so after having kids.

Matt Damon, Dream Date:

  • When asked who their dream celebrity dad Valentine would be, the most popular choice was Matt Damon, followed by Johnny Depp and David Beckham.

Sorry, Tiffany’s:

  • The gift more than a third of moms say they want most for V-Day? Quality time – a babysitter and a date night out.
  • One in 7 most covet a day/night off from the kids and household responsibilities.

Moms’ worst Valentine’s gifts:

  • My husband put $20 in a card because he felt bad he did not get me a gift.
  • Nothing.
  • New Iron. I needed it but... still...
  • Can opener
  • A single fake rose from a gas station.

Moms’ best Valentine’s gifts:

  • He writes me a poem every year.
  • Got pregnant on Valentine's Day with child #3
  • Homemade card from my daughter.
  • A framed menu from the restaurant where we had our first date.
  • A CD that my husband made of all the love songs and wedding songs we used to listen to when we first met.