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Boy Killed by Gun That Looked Like Toy

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A 3-year-old boy in South Carolina was killed when he and his 7-year-old sister played with a bubble-gum pink gun they mistook for a toy. It’s unclear which child fired the weapon. The childrens' grandparents were babysitting, but in another room when the incident occurred. Authorities are not saying how the kids got access to the gun.

Candy-colored guns are part of an effort on the part of gun manufacturers to make pistols more attractive to women. One gun owner even modified an AR-15 to create a Hello Kitty assault rifle. However, colors can also make them more appealing to kids.

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Now some parents are calling on lawmakers to stop the manufacture and sale of these guns. From the petition on

“We ask that gun makers be responsible and stop making and selling hand guns and rifles that are brightly colored. These weapons look like toys. This is dangerous for children and law enforcement who cant distinguish the difference between a toy and the real thing. 

We regulate toy makers in this country and expect them to have high standards of safety…the gun industry should do the same. We call for action on this immediately.”

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