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Twitter Fun: Things That Make Us Go #awww

Laura Doss

We're playing a little hashtag game with our followers on Twitter:

@parenting Things your kid said that made you go #awww. And...go!

Here are some of our favorite responses so far. Let the awwws commence.

@SacParentMag Me: "You're my son." Son: (looks thoughtful and then says) "You're my moon."

@homewiththeboys  "Mommy you're lovely and fair." (4yo son)

@APhiYogi  mommy you'll miss me but not so much because my love goes with you always... Sweetest thing ever!

@MBrooksTXHealth showed my stepson a quilt I'm working on. He said "You are a great artist, Mom." #awww

@CourtneyFoster7 Yesterday, my (almost) 3 year old little boy said, "Mama, I love you robot much" #awww

@sjaama776 My 4 year old said "Don't worry Mommy. We will still be best friends when I grow up. Let's pinky swear!"  #awww

@SimplySandraLuz  my 8 year old son always tells me "I love you infinity times infinity!" :')

@darkandtwisty67  When my 3yr old asks for gummies for the 3rd time in a day and I say NO she replies "Come on Mom, gimme a break!" #awww

What things make YOU go #awww? Tell us on Twitter using the hashtag!