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Twitter Game – Join In!


We’re playing a little game on Twitter:


Let's have some fun. #ifihadapennyforeverytime my kid ____________, I'd be rich! Reply and fill in the blank :)

Some of our favorite responses so far:

slc0915: @parenting if I had a penny for every time my kid pooped after immediately getting a diaper change, I'd be rich.  

PenguinSpy: @parenting a penny for everytime my child said "no I don't need to go potty" only to urgently whisper "IneedagopottyNOW" 30 seconds later...

phillysunflower: @parenting If I had a penny for every time I said use your inside voice to my screaming son, I'd be rich and could hear better.

SummerSanders_: @parenting If I had a penny for every time my kids said they were full and then asked for a treat, I'd be rich! <-- (yes, that Summer Sanders!)

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