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Video: TSA Pats Down a 6-Year-Old


It’s the footage everyone is talking about: a 6-year-old girl being patted down, including inside the waistband of her pants, by Transportation Security Administration employees at the New Orleans airport. The girl, whose face is blurred, appears to be calm, and the TSA agent is explaining everything as she goes, but the girl’s mom characterized it as “groping.”
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The TSA says it could never completely exempt any group, even children, from security procedures, because it would leave that group vulnerable to being exploited by terrorists. After reviewing the video, the TSA says the screener followed procedure for the modified pat-down children under 12 are supposed to receive. But they also say they’d like to work with parents to make the screening process more respectful.
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Would you be opposed to your child getting a pat-down like the one in the video? Or are they necessary to keep our skies safe?


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