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Viral Video: Mom Lets Child Roll Out of Subway While She Fights

I’ve seen some pretty disturbing scenes on the New York subway, but this takes the cake. Two women, one a mom with a baby in a stroller, get physical arguing over a seat. Someone’s weave is ripped off. Meanwhile, the mom’s baby rolls out of the car at the station stop while the women continue to brawl. Is the baby stuck in the gap between the tracks and the car? Could the stroller roll onto the tracks on the other side? Will the train take off with her baby still at the station? A crowd of people shouting to stop and take care of the baby isn’t enough to break up the fight, although the mom can be heard screaming for her child. Still, it’s hard to watch such disregard for a child possibly in danger, not to mention a very poor example of how to handle conflict.
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Caution: this clip contains adult language.