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Walk to Support Preemies and Women at Risk for Pre-term Labor

Photo Courtesy of Sasha Emmons

I delivered my son at 34 weeks after a bout with pre-term labor at 25 weeks and 9 subsequent weeks of bedrest. After some time in the NICU and some early struggles gaining weight, Julian is a jolly, busy, chubby 21-month-old that no one would ever know was a preemie. I credit the medical advances used to treat pre-term labor and preemies with turning what could have been a devastating situation into simply a stressful but ultimately joyous one.
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That’s why I am participating in New York City’s March for Babies this weekend. I have created a team of other parents of preemies, and we are raising money to help other babies get a good start. The walks have been organized by the March of Dimes since 1970 and have raised $2 billion to fund research that saves babies’ lives.
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The 5K walks are going on all over the country. If you’re a parent to a preemie, or just have one in your life that you love, sign up to walk today!