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Watch It and Weep: Soldier Parents Surprising Their Kids

I am helpless against videos involving servicemen and women returning home to their families. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for the absent parents to miss all those milestones, and how hard it is for the essentially single one at home to hold it all together, and for the kid who probably can’t really comprehend why Daddy or Mommy’s not around. And the lump in my throat starts forming…3…2…1….now.

If just one of those vids brings on the tears, what would a whole montage of them do? Create a sob storm chain reaction in the Parenting offices, as editor after editor watched and weeped. One pregnant staffer could not even bear to watch until she got home and could really let it out.

Need a good cry yourself? Watch this over at ParentDish.

P.S. Speaking of crying, you gotta read Daring Young Mom’s hilarious post about what makes each member of her family cry. My fave: Wanda cries when I won’t let her launch her body off of high surfaces.  She weeps when I accidentally let her launch her body off of high surfaces. Read more.