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What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman


It’s been more than 6 years, and I’m still not over it. I was probably around 25 weeks pregnant and clearly showing, but proud that I was eating sensibly and had only put on about 15 pounds. A friend who hadn’t seen me in a few months (and who’s obviously never been pregnant herself) laid eyes on me, and said: “Whoa, you are sooo big! You’ve gained, what, about 50 pounds?”

Really? My non-pregnant weight is 140. I looked like I’d grown by a third? Did she think I was gestating an elephant? Way to make a preggo lady feel like a blimp.

Almost every pregnant woman has endured thoughtless comments and questions from friends and strangers alike. “Sure you’re not having twins?” is a clueless classic, right up there with, “You must be due any day now” when you’re not even close. What are the most annoying things people said to you during your pregnancy? And what was your comeback?