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What Parenting Readers are Thankful For

All month long, we’ve been asking our followers on Twitter to share what they are grateful for using the hashtag #thankfulfor. We’ve been blown away by the response, as hundreds of you share the sweet, funny and touching things you appreciate in your life.

Here, we share a few of our favorites. Are you feeling thankful today? Tag us @parenting and share your thoughts using the hashtag #thankfulfor.

I'm #thankful for unsolicited "I Love You's" from my two precious boys

I am #thankfulfor pacifiers, humidifiers, and chocolate. That's how I'm going to survive this winter!

@ eiakoubtchik
I'm thankful for the good in people, willing to help during hard times.

@ esselcp
I‘m so #thankfulfor my hubby who still finds time to cook for our 2 boys and I despite having a full time job :-)

@ Messy_Housewife
I am thankful for the love my kids share for each other. I was an only child and watching them together is amazing! They're BFFs!

I'm thankful for my step-daughter as she's given me the gift of parenthood and completes our family. #thesecondwife

I'm #thankfulfor the ride to the bus stop, b/c I've found the best convos w kids happen b/t 7:18-7:30 a.m.

I'm thankful for my son's birth mom. #adoption

I'm #thankfulfor coming out of post partum depression intact - now I can savour the moments and relax when she's in bed.

#thankfulfor the foundation that Monday morning routines bring to our family life. Makes my kid feel secure.