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What’s in Your Mom Cave?


Have you heard of the “mom cave?” A take-off on the idea of the man cave, popularized in the movie “I Love You, Man,” a mom cave is a little spot you carve out of your home just for you.

With just 1250 square feet in my Brooklyn apartment, a mom cave isn’t in the works for me, but a girl can dream, right? My mom cave would contain the following:



  • Soundproofing
  • A “Do Not Disturb – This Means You, Children (and Husband)” sign
  • A remote (just one, not three) that turns on a TV full of DVR’d episodes of bad reality TV
  • A cozy chaise that has never seen a magic marker and is completely free of spit-up stains
  • A private, pristine bathroom where I can take my time doing my business

What would be in your mom cave?