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Would You Advertise the Fact that You Formula-Feed?

I’ve never been a fan of onesies and tees with cute sayings on them; I find them a bit cheesy. But someone must buy them, as there’s always a huge selection of them at Old Navy. One in particular has ruffled some feathers: this “formula-powered” onesie, which has some breastfeeding advocates calling for a boycott.

You buy clothing with words on it to advertise something to the world, and usually – let’s face it -- to brag, like about the fact that you went to a certain university or that your kid’s the “MVP of Cute.” But are new moms apt to brag about formula-feeding? We’ve written before about the shame that some women who don’t or can’t nurse feel, and saying that these snapsuits “advocate for destruction” seems a bit much. However, it would be nice if Old Navy had offered a pro-nursing version too.

In case you’d like to advertise to the world that you don’t formula-feed, the rebuttal onesie is on sale here.

Moms who used formula: would you have felt bold enough to put this on your baby?