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Would You Potty-Train Your Kids in Public?


Any parent who has tackled toilet training knows that awkward in-between stage where your kid’s not 100 percent there, but you need to leave the house and take the underwear leap of faith. Will you be near a toilet when the urge strikes?

One Utah mom decided to take the guesswork out of this scenario by just bringing portable potties to a local deli. Another patron snapped a photo of twins sitting bare-bummed on the throne, clothes pulled to their ankles, while they sat eating. The picture was posted to Facebook, where it went viral.

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The deli staff received several complaints but the twins and their mom had left by the time management was alerted. They say they would have asked her to leave, since letting kids poop or pee where people are eating is most certainly a safety violation, not to mention just clueless.

Have you ever seen something like this? How did you handle leaving the house when your kids potty-trained? Leave a comment.