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Would You Rock Climb While Pregnant?


During both my pregnancies, I found it hard enough to climb a flight of stairs with the extra weight I was carrying. So I can’t even imagine hoisting myself up a climbing wall with an in-utero passenger aboard.

However, should you get the urge, pregnancy activewear company Mountain Mama will soon offer the first-ever maternity rock climbing harness, which is designed with straps around but not pressing on the belly, and less compression on your breasts, which can be sore during pregnancy.

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Experienced rock climbers who want to continue the sport in pregnancy often turn to bouldering (climbing without a harness and ropes), says company founder Teresa Delfin, which is more dangerous than rope climbing. The harness is an attempt to make rock-climbing safer and more comfortable, and will hit the market some time in 2013 and retail for $120.

Generally, OB/GYNs say that you can continue with the same level of physical activity you were at before pregnancy, as long as you are still comfortable. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says to avoid sports where there’s a danger of falling.

Would you ever rock-climb while pregnant? How active were you while pregnant? Leave a comment.