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WTFriday: Thong Underwear for Babies

Gotcha—Happy April Fools’ Day! Click the share button above to fool your friends on Facebook.

The baby thong is not actually real (at least no one’s invented it yet, although there is a string bikini for babies, and a push-up bra for 7-year-olds). Also, these silly and outrageous parenting and baby products are 100% totally NOT made up—we wish the placenta teddy bear was a joke.

Want to join in the fun and play a joke on your kids (or pull one over on Dad together?) Check out our round-up of family-friendly April Fools’ pranks.

PS: We had too much fun thinking of prank products. Other top contenders:

Pregnancy craving body spray: In flavors like bacon, mac n cheese and pickle juice. Indulge your craving without the calories!

Baby litter boxes: It’s the new way to potty train!

Invisible baby gate: Your little one gets a teeny tiny electric shock if he goes near the stairs.

Justin Bieber diapers: Baby, baby, baby, these diapers are for the heartbreaker in training!

Baby press-on nails: Baby’s manicure is done in minutes!

Placenta seasoning: Want to cook and eat your placenta? Not before you season it with our patented blend of herbs and spices.