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The Year in Search

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Yahoo! has released its Year in Review, which looks back on what people were searching for this year with a slew of fun, intriguing lists. What were parents and kids typing into search boxes this year? Glee (#4), the iPad (#3) and Silly Bandz (#9) all hit the Top Obsessions list in 2010. Pregnancy was the #1 most-searched-for health condition; the pee barely has time to dry on the stick before moms-to-be are obsessing over early signs of pregnancy. Parents struggled once again this with the timeless conundrum of What’s for dinner? Chicken and Crockpot came in at #1 and #2 respectively for on the top recipes list. Tweens and teens clearly did a lot of searching this year. Miley Cyrus (#3), Justin Bieber (#8) and Britney Spears (#10) made the list for top searches overall.

Other fun search lists for parents:

Top Holiday Toy Gifts*                                             
We see some oldies but goodies here!

1. Barbie
2. Lego
3. American Girl Dolls
4. Build a Bear
5. Fisher Price
6. Pillow Pets
7. Leapfrog
8. Thomas the Train
9. Hot Wheels
10. Nerf

Top Dog Breeds
Does Junior have his heart set on a puppy under the tree?

1. Chihuahua
2. Greyhounds
3. German Shepherd
4. Maltese
5. Rottweiler
6. English Bulldogs
7. Golden Retriever
8. Pit bulls
9. Great Danes
10. Pomeranian

*This list is from the last month, not the year overall.