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As Seen on NBC's Today Show: Fun, Safe Halloween Costumes

Our in-house gear goddess (we just call her "Christina") was on the Today show this morning, showcasing some of the great Halloween costumes featured in the October issue of Parenting, as well as a ton of other fun options.

Watch the segment and if you want what you see, the list below can tell you where to get it.



Head to Land's End for the raincoat ($49.40) and rainboots ($42) used to create "Raining Cats & Dogs" 

Gymboree has the shirt ($9.99), tights ($5.49), and shoes ($11.99) for "Here Comes the Sun" and the shirt ($5.99) for "Puffy Blue Cloud" 

See step-by-step instructions for making all of our weather costumes!

The Wizard of Oz

To be Dorothy, visit Halloween for the blue gingham dress ($32.99) and Toto-in-a-basket ($14.99). Ruby slippers can be found at ($14.74). 

Everything you need for Glinda the Good Witch can be found at Halloween -- the dress (with belt and crown) ($31.99), and the wand ($2.99). 

Get your Scarecrow costume at ($39.99), and don't forget the hay (Michael's, $4.99). has your Lil Lion costume ($53.99) and Wizard of Oz badge of courage ($4.99).

The Tin Man has a lot of accessories, but you can get them all at Halloween The jumpsuit and hat ($45.99), woodman’s axe ($7.49), clock heart ($6), nose ($4.99), chin ($4.99), silver gloves ($13), and silver makeup ($2.99).

Family Movie Night has everything you need for this group costume: the adult-sized popcorn costume ($59.99), the infant Junior Mints costume ($32.99), the infant Tootsie Roll costume ($16.95), and the infant M&M Candy costume, in yellow ($16.99).

Rock, Paper, Scissors

How clever is this? Dress your little one up as Elvis ("rock") -- $29.99 at

To be a 1930's Paper Boy just get a pageboy hat (, $10.99), shirt (, $10), pants ($21.99) and vest ($26.99) from, and these socks from Macy's ($9.99).   

And Edward Scissorhands completes the theme. You can get the wig, jacket, and gloves at Halloween ($39.00), as well as the makeup kit ($7.49).

Peanut Butter & Jelly has everything you need to pull off this kid-fave: an adult peanut costume ($29.75), an adult purple grapes costume ($99), and a baby Wonder Bread costume ($16.99). Sweet!

The POTUS & his Secret Service

Janie and Jack can outfit your kids in suits, ties, and shoes for $19-$98. Then Wild Planet ties it all together with walkie talkies ($19.95) and ear pieces ($14.95).  

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