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"Sensory-Friendly" Movie Showings for Kids with Autism

A trip to the movies with kids can easily become an ordeal for any parent, between waiting in line for tickets, getting snacks and potty breaks. For parents of autistic children, it's the crowds, lights, and loud sounds which make it that much more of a struggle, and can overexcite autistic kids to the point where they have to leave the theater.

Thanks to a team effort between AMC theaters and the Autism Society, you can still take your autistic child to a screening of the latest kiddie films at one of AMC's "sensory-friendly" screenings. How it works: the movie starts on a Saturday at 10 a.m. on the dot, with no previews or ads, the sound turned lower and the lights left on. Parents can bring their own snacks for kids, while the kids themselves can get up, talk and move around during the movie. The only thing not allowed? Any rude "Shhh!"-ing.

The next screening on April 10 will be How to Train Your Dragon. After that, Shrek 4 will be showing in May on the 22. Tickets are $4 to $6, depending on locations. Find a screening near you.