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Sex and the Working Mom

Here's the stereotype about sex and moms who work: Honey, can I squeeze you in for 20 minutes of nooky two weeks from Thursday if my conference call doesn't go late? Love ya!

Too many to-dos and too little time is still a near-universal reality, but a recent survey conducted by Working Mother revealed a surprising truth: most working mamas still want it, and they want more of it. In fact, three-quarters of respondents rated sex as "important" in their lives, and 71 percent are fitting it in between Blackberries and bottles a respectable two or three times a month.

To discover why toys (ahem, the adult kind) are a busy mom's best friend, the difference between mercy sex and just-say-no nights, and why becoming a daddy may make your husband less hot, read Frumpy, frazzled, and uninterested? No way.