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Should I chew out an irresponsible mom???

Okay, I’m mad. Last night, my 12-year-old daughter, Alex, went bowling with a few friends. I was busy, and happy I didn’t have to drive either way: One mom dropped them off, another was to pick them up at 7:30 and deposit them at home.

I ended up in the car anyway at around 7:30, picking up my other daughter from a friend’s. While we were on our way home, my cell rang, and Kate answered it since I was driving. “Hi Alex….Sure…She’s going to drop me off first.” She hung up and told me that Alex needed a ride home from the bowling alley. I didn’t think much of it—plans change, kids get their wires crossed. I dropped off Kate at home and drove on to get Alex and, I thought, her friends.

I pulled up in front of the bowling alley, and she came out by herself and got in the car. “Where is everyone?” I asked her. “They left. Bri’s mom picked them up. There wasn’t room in the car for me, so I called you.”

I stayed calm, but thought: SAY WHAT!? “They left you there alone? That’s strange,” I said calmly, seething inside. She said, “Yeah, it was—I think I was the only one in the place.” (Well yeah, it’s Super Bowl Sunday!) I asked her, “Did they leave before you called me?” “Yup.”

I don’t know this mom—Bri’s a brand-new friend--but you just don’t do this. You don’t drive off and leave a 12-year-old girl alone at night at the bowling alley (or anywhere!). You particularly don’t leave when you don’t even know if there will be someone at the other end of the phone when she calls home. You just don’t do this!

So. What do I do? Part of me feels like I should call the mom and tell her I’m upset, ask her (politely) what the heck she was thinking. What do you think—should I?

UPDATE: Irresponsible Mom, Part 2