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Sly Dial: Avoid the Important People

Have you heard of Sly Dial? It's a great example of how technology can adapt to our lesser angels.

Here's how it works. Say you need to call someone back, and an email or text are out of the question. Now imagine that you really don't want to talk to this person. Maybe you owe them money, or maybe you're canceling plans with them at the last minute.

Simply call Sly Dial's toll-free number, enter the cell phone number of the person you need to call, and Sly Dial will patch you through to their voicemail, without their phone ever ringing.

Okay, I've listened to many ringing telephones and thought, "Don't pick up! Please, don't pick up!" But now, we can all indulge our passive-aggressive dreams of what Sly Dial calls "the illusion of communication."

How does everyone feel about this technology? Their site claims that it can also be used for good (leaving cute messages for loved ones, for example), but if you got Sly Dialed about something important, wouldn't you be irritated?