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Sneak Peek: America’s Test Kitchen Nintendo DS game


Hey, I’ve got a new idea for dinner: Steal your kid’s Nintendo DS. Not kidding, America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking is coming out March 28th, and the game guides you through 300 of the TV show’s expertly tested recipes, giving step-by-step instructions and tutorials in a dummy-proof format. Like, there-are-no-buttons dummy-proof. There were three things I was digging about the game, as I whipped up a St. Paddy’s-inspired Green Bean Almandine and Beer-braised Cabbage (quite tasty, if I may) at a sneak-peek demo last night.

Here’s what’s nifty: You can create avatars for all of your kids and specify their ages and if they can handle heat or knives. As you move through the recipes, tasks will be given to each chef in the kitchen. That way you can put your little army to work while you loom over them. Mwa haha!

Yes, you can search the database according to ingredient; no surprise there. You can also search by calories and narrow a search by leaving out particular ingredients, mostly allergens. Once you find recipes that do work for you can put them in your recipe bank and add notes. The game will also put together lists of ingredient for easy shopping.

Another cool feature is the voice command, which let you move to the next step by shouting at the DS (a dream come true, since I’ve always wanted to yell at electronics without look like a nut) instead of getting the unit all slimy with your doughy or cheesy hands.

(Indies Zero games, $19.99)