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Snow Boots They Can Wear All Season

The moms I know agree: kids' winter boots are a can’t live with ‘em /can’t live without ‘em thing. They tend to be pricey and thanks, I guess, to global warming, only worn maybe twice. Of course, that depends on where you live, but in my neck of the woods (Long Island) my neighbors and I have bought our kids snow boots that weren’t worn AT ALL. And it’s not like they’ll fit the following year.


It’s tempting to skip this purchase, but if Snow Miser gets his way and the kids are pleading to build a snowman...then what?

Keen boots solve this dilemma. They are a hardcore, snow and rain-proof, warm and cozy boot, but also darn cute and perfectly stylish to wear to school, even on dry days. So if you don’t have a single snow day this year, these boots won’t go to waste.