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So Many Photos, So Little Patience

I have thought a great deal about photo albums and frames lately. This is because I got married this year, and I’m feeling the pressure to display my photos in the Most Perfect Album and make sure family members get copies of their favorite photos, preferably in the Most Meaningful Frames. I imagine it’s not unlike the guilt new moms feel about making a baby book and keeping up with grandparents’ insatiable desire for new pictures.

Thankfully, my best friend is a multi-talented fifth grade teacher/master scrapbooker, so she is going to save my sorry self and help me put together my album, with this new PicFolio album from Creative Memories. It has slots for photos, so there isn’t too much danger of me messing up this Very Important Heirloom with a misguided glue stick. (Or adhesive dots, whatever it is you clever crafty folks use.) I think it would work really well as a baby book for a semi-crafter like me, since you could keep adding photos and as many or as few cute scrapbooky doo-dads as you have time to include.

The other new photo album I’ve come across that’s different from anything else is this Take Your Pix board book photo album.

What a great idea! Babies love looking at faces and they love chewing on books, so now they can gnaw on Grandma and Grandpa (which you can take a picture of and then send to them—everybody wins!). But I don't think I'm done obsessing over creative ways to deal with photos—wedding or otherwise. Anyone got any good ideas?