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Sock Monkeys: The Hard Way and the Easy Way

My wanna-be crafty self made a sock monkey for a friend’s new baby recently. And I thought I was very clever, using a cute green striped sock instead of the traditional brown and red sock-monkey sock. (Btw, I found the pattern here.)

I had a really good time making it, but I’ll be honest: Since I’m no genius with a needle and thread (though I proudly own a sewing machine in my little NYC apartment), it took me, oh, an entire three-day weekend to gather the materials and make the thing. That’s why I love these Monkeez from Colonial Candle (someone else made them!):

I mean, could they be cuter? Granted, they don’t have the lopsided-head effect of my homemade monkey, but adding the hat would have put me over the edge.