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Staying Mum on the Biggest, Most Life-Changing News Ever

The conventional wisdom is that you should wait to spill the beans on your pregnancy until you sail on through the first trimester, but how many women actually hold out?

This time around, I told close friends at 8 weeks, right after my first sonogram. Then at 9 weeks, I was unexpectedly laid off. In shock, and suddenly worried about insurance and affording another kid, I blurted out my news to co-workers…and spent the next few weeks stressed that I had tempted fate and jinxed my pregnancy.

I see it both ways: don't tell, and preserve your option of privacy if something bad should happen. And yet, if you did miscarry, wouldn't you want those close to you (ok, perhaps not all your co-workers) to be in the loop anyway?

When did you come out of the preggo closet -- to parents, friends, co-workers?