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Chore Wars: Putting Up the Holiday Lights

Photo by Flickr user bbackkddriftt, CC licensed

I know, the turkey leftovers have just been polished off, but I'm already feeling the holiday stress (must do the family card this weekend), mostly because I've begun the annual battle with my husband over putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. Is there a man alive who doesn't groan, whine, procrastinate, and curse about this task? Just one year, I'd love for him to say, "sure honey, let's get them up early!" I mean the longer you put it off, the worse the weather gets, adding to the misery of the job. Plus, the way I see it, if you're going to all that trouble, why put them up last minute and just have to take them down again in two weeks? Let's enjoy them as long as possible! Every year it takes weeks of nagging to get the house decorated by oh, say, December 15. I've already tried the "let's hire a pro to do it" suggestion, thinking the possibility of spending real money would bring him to his senses, but he said "go ahead and look into it." (Way, way too expensive.) My next move is to tell the kids "Daddy doesn't want to put up the lights this year—I hope Santa can still see the house..." which will surely create a great hue and cry throughout the land. My final secret weapon: I'm going to complain to my mother-in-law, who can surely guilt-trip him into getting up on that ladder ("you have to do it for the kids!").
Anyone else have having a problem getting their husband on board with holiday decorations? What household chore do you and your spouse do battle over?