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Strange Thanksgiving Traditions

Whether or not I’m hosting Thanksgiving (my sibs and I take turns), I always bring the stuffing (among many other things). It’s a James Beard recipe that involves loads of butter, mushrooms, pine nuts, and sage — yum. Plus two loaves of Italian bread, torn into pea-sized chunks. Torn — not sliced and diced, not blendered.

This is the most time-consuming part of the recipe, so early on, I enlisted my kids’ help, and now it’s a tradition that they, weirdly, really look forward to, even though they’re way beyond the age where I can convince them that “It’s FUN to help mommy with the chores!”

Here’s what we do: I spread a sheet on the floor of the family room, put a big bowl in the middle, and turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. We sit and rip up the bread, and watch the parade in all its cheesiness, talking about the floats and balloons (can’t wait for Stewie from Family Guy!), Katie and Al and Matt, the marching bands from high schools across the country, the Broadway numbers (our faves). The thing my kids love best is seeing how long it takes me to tear up — because, I confess, I cry at parades. Always. They think it’s hilarious.

Yes, I could get a food processor to do the work for us. But then what would we do on Thanksgiving morning?

I’d love to hear your strange, fun Thanksgiving traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your turkey be succulent, your pies perfect, and your whole day full of good cheer.