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Study: Stress Does Not Hinder Success of Fertility Treatments


Before you head to the circus to de-stress during IVF treatments (because apparently clowns can help you get pregnant), check out these findings from a study recently published in the British Medical Journal: Stress does not affect the success of IVF treatments.

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Researchers at Cardiff University reviewed 14 studies that measured the stress levels of about 3,500 women before IVF treatments. Then they evaluated the women who were stressed to see if they were more or less likely to get pregnant then the unstressed women. The result: stress had no impact on getting pregnant.

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Of course, this doesn't take away the emotional stress that IVF treatments can cause, but at least you don't have to stress about feeling, well, stressed. And you can also feel justified in telling the next person who suggests that maybe all you need to do is relax in order to get pregnant to, “Shove it!”