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Subway Etiquette

Dear fellow subway rider,

You're tired, I know.  It's 8:30 am, rush hour on the commuter trains.  Maybe you didn't have enough coffee this morning.  Maybe you stayed up all night watching a Project Runway marathon. Maybe the neighbor's dog started barking at 7 am, which made the neighbor come out to yell at the dog, which woke the whole neighborhood up. 

But when the pregnant lady walks onto the train, her belly so big that it's making a dent in your newspaper, please get up and give her the seat.  Don't pretend you're asleep.  Don't pretend you're not sure if she's pregnant or just kind of fat around the middle.  Don't pretend you need the seat more than she does -- she's got a watermelon simultaneously sucking calories from her breakfast, squeezing her lungs at one end and stomping on her bladder at the other end. 

Make your mama proud.  Remember, she was once pregnant with you.


Your fellow subway rider

P.S. I'm looking at you, young, able-bodied man wearing iPod.  I almost never see dudes get up for pregnant ladies.  It's usually women, most often middle-aged women who look like they've been moms themselves.  Represent, people!