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Surf and Shop for (Any) Good Cause

Now, here's a good use of the Internet.

Wish you could donate to charity, but don't have any money? Use (powered by Yahoo!) to search the Web, and 50% of the revenue generated by advertisers goes to the charity, nonprofit, or school of your choosing. That's right, you can enter your child's school as a recipient of these funds!

Continue the giving at Click over to one of their 1,000+ retail partners (all the top name brands are here), shop, and your charity or school earns money. Each retailer donates a different amount -- for example, Dell gives 2% of your purchase to the charity or school of your choice, Barnes & Noble gives 3%, Nike gives 4%.

See all the participating stores, and don't miss the coupon offers! 

Here's the list of all the charities / schools in the database, and instructions for how to add one.  

Pretty amazing, huh? (Spread the word. Stop wasting those clicks!)