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Survey: Top Cities for Toy Spending

Flickr user shandilee. CC Licensed.

Today officially kicks off the countdown to Christmas, with kids ticking off the days until they can open their presents. But kids in the O.C. will find more than usual under the tree, according to a new survey by Citi Cards. Parents in Orange, California spend an average of $604 on toys, more than any other city in the country.

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Three of the top 5 to cities for toy spending are located in California (La Jolla and Beverly Hills are the other two). Among the top 20 spendiest cities for toy purchases, suburbs of major cities comprise the majority of the list. In fact, suburbs of Dallas take up 7 spots on the list, including #2 Southlake. Guess they really do everything bigger in Texas, even the holidays.

Do you live in any cities on the list? Do you agree that parents who live there spend more than usual? Leave a comment.