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Teacher Fired for "Fornication"

When Jarretta Hamilton, an elementary school teacher at Southland Christian School in Florida, applied for maternity leave, she was shocked to be asked when the baby was conceived. Hamilton replied honestly, the principal did some math (the babymaking occurred three weeks prior to her wedding day), and soon after fired her for "fornication.” Then the school admin informed other staff and student parents not only that Ms. Hamilton had been terminated, but why, leading Hamilton to sue the school for discrimination and invasion of privacy. (In a statement, the school recommended Hamilton withdraw her complaint and considered the "testimony of the Lord.")

The school argues that as a educator at a Christian school, teacher must model the values that the school espouses, like no sex before marriage. But Hamilton’s lawyer says that even religious schools must adhere to discrimination laws, and that teachers serve a secular purpose, not a religious one.

Good teachers are hard to come by. Shouldn't we be focusing on issues that actually pertain to our kids' educations, not personal details that are none of our business in the first place?

What do you think? Would it bother you if your child had a teacher who conceived out of marriage?