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Tell Us: What Science-Fiction Invention Would Really Help You?

From the October issue of Parenting

"Software that programmed your toddler for potty training and eight hours of nighttime sleep." --Carlos Sermeno, Redondo Beach, CA

"A sound-proof barrier around the front seat of the car. It would block out arguing, yelling, and high-pitched screaming -- plus protect the driver from flying toys!" --Jessica Smiddy, Dallas

"The food replicator, which could instantly make any meal your family 'felt' like eating that night." --Kimberly Watson, Midlothian, VA

"A remote control to make everyone freeze, so I could eat without having to pick up my son's sippy cup and spoon a dozen times." -- Desiree Brougher, Hummelstown, PA

"A time machine. Then I could go back and replace the dead frog before my son discovered it, avoiding a two-hour crying fit." --Jaqlyn Bowers, Arlington, TX

"Doctor Octopus arms. Imagine how much we could get done!" --Mary Owens, Pasadena, MD  

What invention would make your life easier? 


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